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I Can't Be Succesful !!!

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

In low-calorie diets and during very long hunger periods, the brain is aware that there is not enough food, so it takes this as a threat and try to protects itself. Body actually begins to store fat while trying to adapt itself to long hunger periods. One of the reasons why diets are not successful is letting ourselves starve. In a while, the body will get used to this hunger situation and you start to lose your muscles, body water and lose some fat particles, is this really healthy and sustainable? Weight loss starts when calorie restriction appears, but unfortunately most of this weight loss will be from water and muscles. Unfortunately, if you stop your diet and quickly return to your old routine, you will regain all the weight you have lost. This is a proof that it is not a suitable diet for you. If you are unable to maintain your weight after quitting the diet and have gained more than before, this indicates that the diet is not the right one or is not suitable for your life. Because, a diet does not mean long hunger periods, but it actually means to replace your unhealthy habits with healthy ones. In other words, the diet should not be for a period of time but should be sustainable throughout.

Thousands of diet books and weight loss programs have become popular in a period of time than disappeared. However, almost all of them concluded with a failure. With popular diets, you can lose weight in a short term, but there is no scientific evidence that such diets will help you to lose weight in the long term. People are gaining more and more weight, and they are getting more and more disappointed and discouraged due to be constantly losing and gaining weight. This pushes people into a desperate feeling.

Change will start when we stop and focus on the problem. We need to get off on the treadmill and not to continue doing your bad habits unconsciously over and over again. First we should find the bad habits that are causing the problems. We have to be fully aware of what is going on in our daily life. Only then, we can start to change. Changing the habits that you get used to do, takes time and needs determination.

* Success requires effort and patience. You didn't gain the weights in one day and you cannot lose them in a day.

* Instead of just focusing on the numbers on scales and your weight goal, smile at yourself and appreciate yourself for every incremental change you have succeeded to, no matter how small it is.

* You have all the power, strength and skill that you need for a change.

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