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"Healthy eating is

not only a diet plan
but a lifestyle "

Hi :)

I'm Ronit Asa


I'm a registered dietitian and nutritionist. I'm from Istanbul, Turkey and currently living in Tel Aviv. I've completed my four-year undergraduate education at Yeditepe University Faculty of Nutrition and Dietetics. 

During the training, I've worked as an intern in various hospitals, private clinics, some institution kitchens, sports clinics and public health centers.


While creating My Lunch Box brand, my aim was to explain that it is not difficult to adapt a healthy nutrition into your lives. Every week, we will create a basis for a healthy lifestyle by learning with the articles in my blog and putting them into our lunchboxes.  

Keep following :)

Bir Kavanoz içinde Salata

Can't you find time to go to a dietician due to a busy lifestyle ?


Do you live abroad ?


With the online consulting system, there is nothing to stop you, to reach your dietitian and approach your healthy lifestyle.

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