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  • Ronit Asa

Be Aware of Your Hunger Signals

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

How can you understand that your hunger is physiological or emotional?

Are you feeling unenergetic, feeling dizzy or your tummy rumbling? In fact, these are physiological signs of hunger. All we have to do is eat with awareness. If we are aware of what to eat or why we should be eating, then we can feel a real saturation. We will be able to feel both emotionally and physiologically saturated. Most of us make a mistake of confusing emotional hunger with physiological hunger. Yes, maybe we somehow physically feed our stomach, but if we can never satisfy our emotional hunger, we may find ourselves eating again and again.

So what does it mean to eat with awareness?

• Eat at a table in a calm atmosphere.

• Avoid overcrowded environments and distractions.

• When you take a bite, chew it 20-25 times and be aware of what you eat. Saturation signals are transmitted to our brain only in twenty minutes. If you slow down your eating speed, you can catch the saturation signals of your brain and you can control your consumption.

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